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following a meeting of the group at EUROPIC 98 in Jena, Germany on the 9th September 1998

A.M.Q. King (Chairman), F. Brown, P.D. Christian, T. Hovi, T. Hyypiä, N.J. Knowles, S.M. Lemon, P.D. Minor, A.C. Palmenberg, T. Skern and G. Stanway

  1. To abolish all the the existing picornavirus species (each serotype is a unique species) and replace them with species consisting of groups of related serotypes (previously referred to as "clusters").

  2. To create eight new species, Poliovirus, Human enterovirus A, Human enterovirus B, Human enterovirus C, Human enterovirus D, Bovine enterovirus, Porcine enterovirus A and Porcine enterovirus B, within the genus Enterovirus.

  3. To designate Poliovirus as the type species of the genus Enterovirus.

  4. To create two new species, Human rhinovirus A and Human rhinovirus B, within the genus Rhinovirus.

  5. To designate Human rhinovirus A as the type species of the genus Rhinovirus.

  6. To create two new species, Encephalomyocarditis virus and Theilovirus, within the genus Cardiovirus.

  7. To designate Encephalomyocarditis virus as the type species of the genus Cardiovirus.

  8. To create two new species, Foot-and-mouth disease virus and Equine rhinitis A virus, within the genus Aphthovirus.

  9. To designate Foot-and-mouth disease virus as the type species of the genus Aphthovirus.

  10. To create two new species, Hepatitis A virus and Avian encephalomyelitis virus (tentative in the first instance), in the genus Hepatovirus.

  11. To designate Hepatitis A virus as the type species of the genus Hepatovirus.

  12. To create a new species, Human parechovirus, with in the genus Parechovirus.

  13. To designate Human pareachovirus as the type species of the genus Parechovirus.

  14. To create a new genus, Erbovirus, within the family Picornaviridae.

  15. To rename equine rhinovirus as equine rhinitis B virus.

  16. To designate Equine rhinitis B virus as the type species of the genus Erbovirus.

  17. To create a new genus, "Aichi-like viruses", within the family Picornaviridae.

  18. To designate Aichi virus as the type species of the genus "Aichi-like viruses".

  19. To create a new genus, Teschovirus, within the family Picornaviridae.

  20. To rename porcine enterovirus 1 as porcine teschovirus 1.

  21. To designate Porcine teschovirus as the type species of the genus Teschovirus.

Thus the Picornaviridae would consist of the following genera and species:

Genus: Enterovirus
Species: Poliovirus
Species: Human enterovirus A
Species: Human enterovirus B
Species: Human enterovirus C
Species: Human enterovirus D
Species: Bovine enterovirus
Species: Porcine enterovirus A
Species: Porcine enterovirus B

Genus: Rhinovirus
Species: Human rhinovirus A
Species: Human rhinovirus B

Genus: Cardiovirus
Species: Encephalomyocarditis virus
Species: Theilovirus
(proposed name)

Genus: Aphthovirus
Species: Foot-and-mouth disease virus
Species: Equine rhinitis A virus

Genus: Hepatovirus
Species: Hepatitis A virus
Species: Avian encephalomyelitis virus
(proposed tentative designation)

Genus: Parechovirus
Species: Human parechovirus

Genus: Erbovirus (proposed)
    Species: Equine rhinitis B virus
(proposed name)

Genus: "Aichi-like viruses" (proposed)
    Species: Aichi virus

Genus: Teschovirus (proposed)
    Species: Porcine teschovirus
(proposed name)