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  Proposals in preparation (see note below)
  1. To create a new species, Seneca Valley virus, as yet unassigned to a genus.
  2. To rename the species Porcine enterovirus A to Porcine sapelovirus.
  3. To create a new species Simian sapelovirus A containing Simian virus 2 (SV2).
  4. To create a new species Avian sapelovirus containing duck picornavirus TW90A.
  5. To create a new genus, Sapelovirus, containing three species: Porcine sapelovirus, Simian sapelovirus A and Avian sapelovirus.
  6. To formally name the species "Avian encephalomyelitis-like viruses" as Avian encephalomyelitis virus.
  7. To split the species Bovine enterovirus into two species, Bovine enterovirus A and Bovine enterovirus B.
    Note: None of these proposals were submitted to the ICTV Executive Committee during 2006 and have therefore been carried over to 2007 (and have been slightly modified).