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  Taxonomic proposals to be presented to the ICTV Executive Committee (EC) for their consideration at their meeting in July 2014 will be listed below once they have been submitted.
      Please note: all taxon names must be considered tentative until approved by the ICTV EC and ratified by the full ICTV membership and names should be shown in quotes and non-italicized, e.g. the proposed genus "Avisivirus" and the proposed species "Avisivirus A".
    Rename 12 picornavirus species
      Status: A
    Creation of a new species (Cardiovirus C) within the genus Cardiovirus.
      Status: A
    Create a new species, Kunsagivirus A, in a new genus, Kunsagivirus, within the family Picornaviridae (order Picornavirales)
      Status: U
    Create a new species, Sakobuvirus A, in a new genus, Sakobuvirus, within the family Picornaviridae (order Picornavirales)
      Status: U
    Create a new species, Sicinivirus A, in a new genus, Sicinivirus, within the family Picornaviridae (order Picornavirales)
      Status: U

Please address comments on any of the above proposals to Nick Knowles (chairman of the Picornaviridae Study Group) or to any of the Study Group Members.