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Genus Enterovirus

Species Enterovirus A

New type Strain ID Proposer Supporting data Accession Reference(s)
EV-A76 FRA91-10369 Steve Oberste CG AY697458 Oberste et al., 2005
EV-A89 BAN00-10359 Steve Oberste CG AY697459 Oberste et al., 2005
BAN00-10360 P1 AY697472 Oberste et al., 2005
3D(p) AY697500 Oberste et al., 2005
EV-A90 BAN99-10399 Steve Oberste CG* AY697460 Oberste et al., 2005
F950027 (Netherlands) CG* AY773285 van den Broek et al., unpublished
CAM1956 (Cambodia) CG* AB192877 Shimizu et al., unpublished
EV-A91 BAN00-10406 Steve Oberste CG* AY697461 Oberste et al., 2005
BAN99-10407 P1 AY697476 Oberste et al., 2005
3D(p) AY697507 Oberste et al., 2005
EV-A92 USA/GA99-RJg-7 (monkey) Steve Oberste CG EF667344 Oberste et al., unpublished
EV-A114 BAN-11610 Steve Oberste VP1
Oberste et al., unpub.
Deshpande et al., 2016
EV-A119 09C13CMR (Cameroon) Helene Norder VP2(p)to 2A(p) KC787153 Ayukekbong et al., unpub.
EV-A120 184977-PNG-09 Jason Roberts 5'UTR(p) to 2B(p) KM198310  Roberts et al., 2016
EV-A121 V13-0682 (India) Jagadish Deshpande CG KU355877 Deshpande et al., 2016
EV-A122 SV19-M19s PSG CG AF326754 Oberste et al, 2002
EV-A123 SV43-OM112t PSG CG AF326761 Oberste et al, 2002
EV-A124 SV46-OM22 PSG CG AF326764 Oberste et al, 2002
EV-A125 BA13 PSG CG AF326750 Oberste et al, 2002

* but has a PV/HEV-C/HEV-D-like 5' UTR.
n/a, not available yet.
CG, complete genome sequence
(p), partial sequence
PSG, Picornaviridae Study Group
prototype strains are shown in bold type


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