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Genus Enterovirus

Species Enterovirus B

New type Strain ID Proposer Supporting data Accession Reference(s)
EV-B73 CA55-1988 Mark Pallansch CG AF241359 Oberste et al., 2001
CA78-1480 P1 AF241361
OMA95-6498 P1 AF241362
CA54-4454 P1 AF241363
EV-B74 USA/CA75-10213 Mark Pallansch CG AY556057 Oberste et al., 2004
W553-130/99 VP1 AY208118 Norder et al., 2003
EV-B75 USA/OK85-10362 Mark Pallansch CG AY556070 Oberste et al., 2004
OK85-6388 VP1(p) AF152280 Oberste et al., 2000
CT87-7122 VP1(p) AF152254
CT87-7123 VP1(p) AF152255
VA86-6765 VP1 AF152298
FJ96-71 (China) VP1 AY570801 Yang et al., unpublished
EV-B77 Lafeuille; W543-122/99 Helene Norder P1 AY208119 Norder et al., 2003
CF496-99 CG AJ493062 Bailly et al., 2004
USA/TX97-10394 CG AY843302 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B78 Agius; W137-126/99 Helene Norder P1 AY208120 Norder et al., 2003
EV-B79 USA/CA82-10385 Steve Oberste P1 AY843309 Oberste et al., 2007
USA/CA79-10384 CG AY843297 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B80 OMA98-10388 Steve Oberste P1 AY843310 Oberste et al., 2007
USA/CA67-10387 CG AY843298 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B81 USA/CA68-10389 Steve Oberste CG AY843299 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B82 USA/CA64-10390 Steve Oberste CG AY843300 Oberste et al., 2007
OMA98-10391 P1 AY843311 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B83 USA/CA76-10392 Steve Oberste CG AY843301 Oberste et al., 2007
10505 VP1(p) AY919489 Oberste et al., 2006
10506 VP1(p) AY919490 Oberste et al., 2006
10574 VP1(p) AY919565 Oberste et al., 2006
EV-B84 CIV2003-10603 Steve Oberste CG DQ902712 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B85 BAN00-10353 Steve Oberste CG AY843303 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B86 BAN00-10354 Steve Oberste CG AY843304 Oberste et al., 2007
BAN99-10356 P1 AY843312 Oberste et al., 2007
10458b VP1(p) AY919444 Oberste et al., 2006
EV-B87 BAN01-10396 Steve Oberste CG AY843305 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B88 BAN01-10398 Steve Oberste CG AY843306 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B93 38-03 (DR Congo) Helene Norder VP3(p)+VP1+2A(p) EF127244 Junttila et al., 2007
EV-B97 FIN03-2875 Merja Roivainen VP1 EF364397 Smura et al., 2007
BAN99-10355 CG AY843307 Oberste et al., 2007
10533b VP1 AY919521 Oberste et al., 2006
10570b VP1 AY919561 Oberste et al., 2006
EV-B98 T92-1499 Teruo Yamashita CG AB426608 Yamashita et al., unpublished
EV-B100 BAN2000-10500 Steve Oberste CG DQ902713 Oberste et al., 2007
VP1 AY919484 Oberste et al., 2006
EV-B101 CIV03-10361 Steve Oberste CG AY843308 Oberste et al., 2007
EV-B106 BAN2001-10634 Steve Oberste VP1 n/a Oberste et al., unpublished
EV-B107 TN94-0349 Teruo Yamashita CG AB426609 Yamashita et al., unpublished
EV-B110 LM1861 (chimpanzee) Heli Harvala VP1 JF416934 Harvala et al., 2011
EV-B111 Q0011/XZ/CHN/2000 Yong Zhang P1+P2+P3 n/a Zhang, unpub.
EV-B112 GAB130 (Pan troglgdytes) Illich Mombo CG KJ418244 Mombo et al., unpub.
EV-B113 GAB653 (Mandrillus sphinx) Illich Mombo CG KJ701249 Mombo et al., unpub.
EV-B114 SA5-B165
(Cercopithecus aethiops)
PSG CG AF326751 Oberste et al, 2002

* but has a PV/EV-C/EV-D-like 5' UTR.
n/a, not available yet.
CG, complete genome sequence
(p), partial sequence
PSG, Picornaviridae Study Group
prototype strains are shown in bold type


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