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Genus Enterovirus

Species: Enterovirus J

New type Strain ID Proposer Supporting data Accession Reference(s)
EV-J103 USA/GA99-POo-1 (monkey) Mark Pallansch CG FJ007373 Oberste et al., 2008
EV-J108 N125 Nick Knowles CG AF414372 Oberste et al, 2007
N203 CG AF414373 Oberste et al, 2007
EV-J112 BAN-11217 (monkey) Steve Oberste VP1 n/a unpublished
EV-J115 BAN-11617 (monkey) Steve Oberste VP1 n/a unpublished
EV-J121 CHE20 (wild chimpanzee;
Serge Sadeuh-Mba &
Francis Delpeyroux
n/a unpublished
EV-J122 SV6-1631
(Macaca mulatta)
PSG CG AF326766 Oberste et al., 2002

n/a, not available yet.
CG, complete genome sequence
(p), partial sequence
PSG, Picornaviridae Study Group
prototype strains are shown in bold type


Oberste, M.S., Maher, K. and Pallansch, M.A. (2007). Complete genome sequences for nine simian enteroviruses. J. Gen. Virol. 88: 3360-3372.
Oberste, M.S., Jiang, X., Maher, K., Nix, W.A. and Jiang B. (2008). The complete genome sequences for three simian enteroviruses isolated from captive primates. Arch. Virol. 153: 2117-2122.