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Genus Enterovirus

Species Enterovirus D

New type Strain ID Proposer Supporting data Accession Reference(s)
EV-D94 E210 (Egypt) Merja Roivainen CG DQ916376 Smura et al., 2007
EV-D111 KK2640 (chimpanzee; Cameroon) Heli Harvala VP1 JF416935 Harvala et al., 2011
17-04 (human; DRC) VP1(p)+2A(p) EF127249 Junttila et al., 2007
EV-D120 MB6201 (gorilla; Cameroon)
MB6128 (gorilla; Cameroon)
Heli Harvala VP3(p)+VP1+2A(p)
Simmonds et al., unpub.

n/a, not available yet.
CG, complete genome sequence
(p), partial sequence
prototype strains are shown in bold type


Harvala, H., Sharp, C.P., Ngole, E.M., Delaporte, E., Peeters, M. and Simmonds, P. (2011). Detection and genetic characterization of enteroviruses circulating among wild populations of chimpanzees in Cameroon: relationship with human and simian enteroviruses. J. Virol. 85: 4480-4486.
Junttila, N., Leveque, N., Kabue, J.P., Cartet, G., Mushiya, F., Muyembe-Tamfum, J.J., Trompette, A., Lina, B., Magnius, L.O., Chomel, J.J. and Norder, H. (2007). New enteroviruses, EV-93 and EV-94, associated with acute flaccid paralysis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. J. Med. Virol. 79: 393-400.

Smura, T.P., Juanttila, N., Blomqvist, S., Norder, H., Kaijalainen, S., Paananen, A., Magnius, L.O., Hovi, T. and Roivainen, M. (2007). Enterovirus 94, a proposed new serotype in human enterovirus species D. J. Gen. Virol. 88: 849-858.